< this EXAMPLE > shows a small part of the alphabetic Index

A Coruña BricantiaEHIT 
Abadan Spasinucara. x.IREXT 
Aballo FGALII_5_m 
Abara IRQEXTXI_5_b 
AbellinoAvellino IITAVI_5_m 
Abodiacum Avodiaco 
ABYOS CYTHAEAbii Scythae gensXII_3_t 
  • Actanicopoli
  • Actia Nicopolis, NikopolisNicopolis ~ Preveza GRACHVII_3_m 

    Placenames formatted bold means: The Placename is mentioned like this on the tabula.
    Italic letters show, how the placename is called now.
    Each segment is divided in five vertical parts wich are furtherly divided in top, middle and bottom.
    The expression <XI 1 b> means:
    You will locate the placename on the 11th segment at the bottom of first vertical part.

    • before a placename means, it's shown as a symbol.
    Brackets: This [part] of this expression is not mentioned or erased; {additional} text for better understanding.

    I mainly received data from . Thanks to Mr. Sorin Mihai Olteanu.