Tabvla Pevtingeriana (en) - (de)

This website wants to inform online about the famous "Tabula Peutingeriana".

Tabula Peutingeriana is a copy of an old Roadmap of ancient roman road network, called cursus publicus. For more information on wikipedia klick here!

You get information about placenames and their location on the map at this page.
For viewing pictures of the complete segments, use the table above!

You can view all segments in the same resolution like on the left. You can enlarge each part by clicking on it.

Click here to browse the alphabetic Index.

Other important sources on this site for examining roman roads:

Itin Ant Itinerarium Antonini Provinciarum
Cos Rav Cosmograhia Ravennatis
Itinerarium Gaditanum — "Ininerary of Cádiz"
Notitia Dignitatum Pars I et Pars II

NEW! TABULA ITINERARIA MILITARIS - edited Index of Google Books


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NEW! The Peutinger-Map as digital copy as JEPG or PDF

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